Category: Glutathione

Time magazine ran a cover story in February 2004 on cellular inflammation and another story on inflammation in April 2018. The  New York Times had an article in the personal health section on December 23, 2019 titled “Tackling Inflammation to Fight Age-Related Ailments”. These articles reported that specialists in the biology of ageing, researchers and […]

Glutathione (GSH) is synthesized in the cytoplasm in virtually all cells from its constituent amino acids by two sequential ATP-requiring enzyme catalyzed reactions (see figure below) [1]. : The first reaction is rate limiting and is catalysed by glutamate cysteineligase (GCL, EC; formerly γ-glutamylcysteine synthetase). GCL is composed of a heavy catalytic subunit (GCLC, […]

Glutathione is often termed the “master antioxidant”.  It is produced and used in every cell in your body. In fact, every living organism from bacteria to plants to animals that needs oxygen to survive produces and uses its own supply of glutathione in every one of its cells. It is absolutely essential for life.

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